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Guantong Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guantong) was founded in 1979. it has become a global leader in power semiconductor components. The number of employees worldwide is 2,000, except for the sales points in Asia. In addition, it also has a business base in Europe and the Americas, with revenues exceeding RMB 1.2 billion.

The Group has been committed to R&D innovation and integration of core technologies for many years, including: full range of power management ICs, rectifiers, ESD components, bridge rectifiers, MOSFETs, insulated gate bipolar transistors, trigger diodes And silicon controlled rectifiers. Taiwan's core competitiveness comes from more than 40 years of manufacturing experience, leading patented technology and global distribution of sales channels.

Guantong currently owns an epitaxial plant, two fabs and two packaging plants, all of which have obtained IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certifications, and have been awarded as the world's automotive electronics system factory, consumer electronics factory, EMS factory. Best partner. Taiwan and the United States have a number of excellent R&D patents around the world. With a strong partnership with each customer, we are steadily creating a win-win business development. We stand at the forefront of the supply chain of the world's electronics market. Every consumer is connected.

The Group's goal is to provide global customers with one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind solutions for quality and cost. These innovative products and solutions are widely used in automotive electronics, power management systems, lighting, industrial equipment, portable products, and communications equipment. , consumer electronics and computer 3C products and other fields. Guantong actively promotes the international competitiveness of Chinese people, and adopts the highest standards of environmental protection as the manufacturing standard. The company provides products and solutions that meet the environmental protection requirements of greening, energy saving and low carbon. The success of Guantong's future understanding depends on whether it has observed the existing market and future market trends, and thus the ability to improve existing products or develop new products.

Guantong's responsibilities to the world are not only the success of the company, but also the creation of value for customers, employees, partners, and the maintenance of a good living environment for future generations. In addition to personnel management, supplier relations and product design, the company operates. Over the years, we have been giving back to the community to sponsor the public welfare. We have actively participated in the Luodong Hospital preparation plan based on the local concept of using it locally. Guantong's commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility will never change.

Group business philosophy
First, professional management:
In line with the popularization of capital, the ownership and management rights are clearly divided.
Promote professional managers to improve business performance.
Institutionalization of management and management, with the purpose of sustainable management.

Second, the profit sharing system:
Encourage employees to share shares, participate in business operations, and share business results.

Third, the research of technology:
We are convinced that "no progress will be retired", only continuous research, development and innovation can maintain a foothold in a highly competitive market.

Fourth, the quality of the insistence:
Only superior quality and dedicated service can ensure that products are continuously recognized by customers.

V. Brand internationalization:
Based in Taiwan, it will enter the world. Promoting the company's product brand to become the leader of the global industry is our unsuccessful task.

Guantong is united by all colleagues in the corporate culture and spirit of honesty, diligence, simplicity and prudence.